The Perfect Love of Our SOVEREIGN.

by Monica Farronato

The love that a child has is as a new fresh daisy with fluffy petals and a light yellow center. Only a Pure Heart could imagine and create such a beautiful life. This kind of love has to be held tenderly and protected as the most precious thing in the universe. One day the knowledge of ETERNAL will fill the earth and it will be an endless joy.


The heart of a child is a brand new creation and has no experience in this world. The brand new babe does not have a fear of being hurt in his new environment so can be completely open -- so simple, so true. This new heart grows and swells and gives all its love because that is his nature -- to love. Just look at the newborn babe…. He looks at you from his cradle and smiles. He simply exists to be loved and loves to exist. There is no fear of being hurt; he just lives; he just loves.

This love is the kind of love our CREATOR has. He loves us in the deepest part of His Being and Heart. With His precious, caring love, He made us. His love is the real substance of our existence and the reason for which we were created. His love is a pure love, open and wide with no fears -- no limits.

When a child is born, day by day life events hurt its heart. An emotional scar forms, and yet another, and another. Eventually, the scarred heart will become dry and may even die. The child is so used to pain and thinks that pain is the norm… but all he wants is to be peaceful and loved. He talks about love and happiness but it seems so unreal and so unattainable. Love does exist! Real love -- pure love, and joy, and happiness.

The human heart is a wonderful creation. It was created to love with a perfect love. That is our original nature, the one we were born with. Our adversary wants to ruin and destroy us, our love and our peace along with it. She hates the SOVEREIGN and His Creation. She hates the special love the CREATOR has for His Creation. And yet… the human heart is so much like the CREATOR's. He created us to love and to be loved and to love Him with this special love.

Yes, the love of a child is so pure, so tender, and so simple. You may say that the love of a child is his very life. Our CREATOR has a child-like love. His heart is so pure and tender and yet so very simple. This deep, sweet, pure love is totally different from any other kind of love in this whole wide world. There is nothing else like it. It is so very different that most people cannot even relate. Love is a flowing energy. If love is refused and does not flow it dies, but before dying it hurts a lot and makes you wonder “why?” Actually, why would we refuse such a special pure love?

Our CREATOR in His child-like love does not understand when His Creation turns their backs and refuses His Love. They have no love to give to Him… He is lonely, His heart hurts. He cannot imagine why His beautiful creation refuses Him and His Love. Think about the deep hurt in His Heart. Think about His tender and completely open Heart -- rejected -- betrayed. Can you imagine the pain? Can you imagine the tears?

In spite of all of the rejection and all of the pain, our CREATOR is still Loving. He wants us to come to Him with our love. He wants us to return to Him. He wants to forgive us and be with us. He cries aloud! Yet, years and years go by but very few listen to Him -- no one cares.

Do you care for Him? Will you care for Him? Can you even give Him a drop of your love? Can you reach down to the depths of your soul and touch Him with that love? That very special love that He gave you. Have you kept it soft and tender, have you caused it to grow greater and deeper -- to return to Him? He yearns for your love, He is greatly worthy of your respect, your admiration, your thankfulness. And with the love that He gave to us, we will love Him… for all ETERNITY.

This world sleeps under a dark, choking cover, and we are blind. What a blessing when He removes this mess we have made for ourselves. He will do it for His Name's Sake. Look! See on the horizon. A new day is dawning. The sun is shining! Birds are singing! One day we will see the CREATOR face to face! We will see His Love, feel His Love, and be cuddled in His Love. We will see Him in His Majestic Splendor. We will see His wondrous works, His mighty arm… His loving kindness… His caring protection, because through out the eons of time He protects His people… the ones who love Him, who seek Him, who call on His Name.

The CREATOR made His Creation to love and one of these days (coming soon) His Creation will accept His love and return His love…! His Love will fill the earth forever. What a day of rejoicing that will be!


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